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Toyota Taxi Club / SPSV Grant Scheme

Exclusive Service Offers for Toyota Taxi Drivers
Join our Taxi Club to avail of special offers and learn more about the SPSV grant scheme and how it can work for you.

SPSV Grant Scheme

As you are probably aware, the ‘electric SPSV grant scheme’ opened to applicants on Feb 1st.

This scheme offers grants nationwide, for the purchase of new and second hand electric vehicles.

Grant monies of up to €7,000 will be available for battery electric vehicle (BEVs), and up to €3,500 for plug in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

At Crossings we offer the largest range of Hybrid vehicles in Kildare- In addition to this we are offering special incentives to taxi drivers.

Exclusive Taxi Service Offers

Join our Taxi Club and avail of exclusive service offers. To sign up or learn more call 045 897589 and ask for our Service Manager Mark. 

What's included in our Taxi Club Offer you ask? 

  • Hybrid servicing, including Hybrid Health Checks.
  • 10% off parts.
  • 10% off labour- at €71 p/h +VAT
  • Free wheel balance and yre fitting with tyres purchased.
  • Half price wheel alignment with 4 tyres fitted.
  • VHC carried out as standard.
  • 12 months warranty on all parts and labour supplied.
  • A/C special offer service - €70 including VAT (pollen filter and regas)
  • If you fail your NCT we will cover the cost of the retest. Provided a pre-test is carried out by Crossings.
  • Replacement cars available (not taxi)
  • 10% off bodyshop parts.
  • 10% off bodyshop labour.
  • Free estimates on bodywork - Insurance reapirs handled.
  • Toyota qualified technicians.
  • Genuine Toyota parts used.


Hybrid News

Significant growth in Hybrid sales across the country

Rural Ireland is driving growth in self-charging hybrid cars


Research shows significant growth across the country in 2018

According to the latest year on year comparison, Self-Charging Hybrid (HEV) cars have seen significant growth across the country in 2018* with a 58% increase in Connacht, 83% increase in Leinster, 76% increase in Munster and 54% increase in Ulster (Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal) compared to the same time-period in 2017.

At Crossings 3 out of 4 new Toyota drivers are buying Hybrid. The statistics are showing that this is a trend across the country and not just limited to Urban/Town environments. There has been a 74% increase in Hybrid Sales in Kildare alone.

Toyota announced earlier this year that, in line with its "Built for a Better World" brand promise, it is ceasing production of diesel passenger cars this year to focus on more environmentally sustainable vehicles, led by self-charging Hybrids.

Commenting on the regional growth figures Steve Tormey, CEO of Toyota Ireland said,

“It’s fantastic to see such significant Hybrid growth across the country, and not just in the most populated cities. In the past, some commentators have tried to dismiss Hybrid as being relevant only to city driving, but the percentage growth numbers paint a very clear story of how Hybrid is being embraced in both urban and more rural environments.

“With our new game-changing self-charging Hybrid models coming in 2019, including the return of the iconic Camry after a 14-year absence, we expect Hybrid to go from strength to strength and the trend of rural adoption of Hybrid to accelerate quicker and further than where it is today.”

If you haven't already taken a Hybrid test drive, then call into Crossings and book one with us today. You will be surprised at the difference between driving a Hybrid and regular petrol or diesel engine. The Hybrid is much quieter, and being an automatic, much easier to drive. Give us a call on 045 897589 to find out more. Think Hybrid; Think Crossings.


Taking your car on Holiday?

Top Tips to get your Car Summer Ready

Holidaying with your car this Summer?

Whether taking your car on a "Staycation" or Travelling Abroad, here are our top tips for you and your car this Summer. First things first...You are going to have to check that your car is roadworthy!

(1) Tyres

Whenever preparing for a long journey you should make sure to check your tyres. Check that each tyre is inflated to the correct pressure for your make and models specifications. Don't forget to take into consideration the weight of a your car at full capacity when travelling with family and luggage, as this will affect the correct pressure for your tyres.  Individually check for any damage or signs of wear on each tyre-don't forget to check the spare!  Check the tread depth of each tyre; 1.6mm is the minimum legal requirement for tyres in Europe. It is  recommended that you have a depth of at least 3mm.  We will perform a FREE TYRE CHECK  for you in Crossings if you have any doubts as to the safety of your tyres. Now that your tyres are sorted, check under the bonnet:

(2) Coolant//Oil//Water//Brake Fluid

When the engine is cool you should check that the different fluid levels in your car are between the maximun and minumum marks.If you are unsure as to where to find the different reservoirs, consult your vehicle manual, or pop into Crossings and we can check for you. 

(3) Aircon

Make sure your Aircon is working properly! This one should be fairly obvious- you will know yourself if your Aircon is working- keeping the car cool while on long drives or abroad where the weather is warmer is key to you and you families comfort. Crossings currently have a Summer Aircon Offer, where we will Re-Gas your Aircon and change your Pollen Filter for €99. Ensuring peace of mind and comfort while travelling.

(4) Wipers

Hopefully you won't need them too often when off on your Summer Holidays, but always remember to check the quality of the blades before heading off. Be prepared for those sudden and often unexpected downpours! Check that the rubber blades on your wipers aren't worn down or peeling away. If they are not totally clearing the water, leaving streaks or making lots of noise when in use. Call into Crossings and see about replacing them before you set off.

(4) Insurance

 Before you leave home, notify your Insurance Company that you are taking your car abroad. Although you should be covered automatically for third-party liability, it may be a condition of your policy that you inform them before going. Find out if your Breakdown Assistance applies while abroad. If not, you can buy a separate policy that will cover the cost of a breakdown.

(5) Rules of the Road

 Be aware of your surroundings. This might sound like an obvious one, but while travelling in different parts of the world you may be required to drive on the opposite side of the road. Watch the other cars around you. Take your time when approaching roundabouts or overtaking. If you do get into any serious trouble there is a European Emergency Call Number -112- that you should contact in case of an accident or emergency.

(6) Summer Safety Kit

We recommend having a Summer Safety Kit in your vehicle. Pack bottles of water and snacks for long journeys are always essential for your car kit. You never know when you might run into trouble and t is always be prepared for every eventuality. Pack some visibility equipment such as Triangle and High-Visibility Jackets, Travel Games, a small Tool Kit and First Aid Kit. Flashlight, spare Battery Pack for your Phone, Jump Cables and of course, don't forget the Sunscreen!!

We hope you have a fantastic trip, whether at home or abroad, and if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to call into Crossings before you head off and we will advise and help you as best we can. Think Safety: Think Crossings.

Naas U12's visit Crossings

Proud Sponsors of the Naas GAA U12's Team

Delighted to have had the Naas U12's team in to celebrate their almost victory in the Darragh Herbert Memorial Tournament here in Crossings. They put their hearts into the event and were unfortunatly beaten at the last hurdle by Kerry. We're so proud to be able to sponsor such an energetic and talented group of lads. Today was a mini celebration. The guys got to come in an show off their lovely new jerseys and enjoy a load of well earned pizzas! Crossings was buzzing, with a couple of the lads asking us how much the cars were, and telling us how much pocket money they get a week.....already saving up for a Toyota! 


We look forward to seeing how you get on with the rest of your matches this Summer and wish you all the best of luck. You're all winners to us! So proud to be your sponsors! Well done!


Toyota Camry

The iconic Toyota Camry is making it's comeback in 2019

What's new?

  • Available as self-charging hybrid with a newly developed 2.5-litre hybrid electric system
  • New Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform for great driving dynamics and more efficient packaging
  • Elegant and dynamic exterior combined with superb levels of on-board comfort and roominess
  • Available in Q2 2019


After an absence of 14 years, Toyota is re-introducing the Camry in Ireland and across Western Europe, to maintain the brand’s presence in the D/E-saloon segment.

Available as a self-charging hybrid, the new Camry expands Toyota’s line-up of hybrid electric vehicles to 8 models.

Its 2.5-litre hybrid electric powertrain combines fuel efficiency and low emissions and quiet operation with more power and greater responsiveness.

The all-new Camry is the 8th generation of a car that has won countless awards and distinctions since it first went on sale in 1982. The model is sold in more than 100 countries globally, with sales totalling over 19 million units to date.

With annual sales of more than 700,000 units globally, Camry remains the best-selling D/E-segment saloon in the world.

Latest Generation

The latest generation Camry showcases Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA) design and engineering philosophy. TNGA places enthusiast-oriented 'fun to drive' characteristics and alluring styling on an equal footing with superlative build quality, highly efficient packaging, and innovative, user-friendly technology.

As a result, the all-new Camry builds on all the core values that have made it so popular to date - segment-leading levels of quality, durability and reliability, quietness and ride quality- with head-turning new exterior and interior design, outstanding comfort and roominess, state-of-the-art powertrain technology and new found levels of driving pleasure, thanks to driving dynamics specifically tuned for the European market

The new Camry Hybrid will be available in Ireland in the second quarter of 2019.

To follow the Camry’s return to Ireland, please register your interest below to receive regular updates before the launch in Q2 2019.


Toyota Air Con Service €99

Ever had your air conditioning unit serviced in your car? It might be time to!

Why does my car need an air conditioning service? It’s a question you might ask yourself when you see posts advertising car air conditioning servicing offers online, in the paper or on the side of the road.

The truth is, an air conditioning service is quite important as it can affect your health in various ways.

Did you know that a poorly maintained air conditioning system can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi? That’s not good news for anyone, especially those with small kids or asthma sufferers in particular. Unlike heating systems, the process of cooling hot air in your car creates a lot of moisture and condensation, which must be channeled away.

Here at Crossings Motor Centre we can service your air conditioning unit, including re-gassing, leak testing and pollen filter replacement. This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning while keeping it healthy and safe. Air conditioning services are available now from only €99. Call us today on 045-897589 to book a service and ensure your peace of mind.

Worn Brake Pads

How to recognise the signs
A common problem we see here at Crossings is signs of worn brake pads. 

Have a feeling your brakes aren't working as they should? Here are some helpful hints to help you recognise when you need to replace your brake pads. Here are a couple of signs that indicate that your brake pads require attention. Here are the top brake problem symptoms, so you can recognise the signs.

  • Screeching, grinding, squealing, and other unusual noises are common indicators that something is wrong with your brake pads...
  • Vibration and pulsation in the pedal or your steering wheel. ...
  • Needing to press down harder than usual in order to brake...


Check to see if the brake light or ABS indicator light has illuminated on your dashboard. If the light has come on then you should come see us as soon as possible and we will perform a free brake inspection for you. You should always get abnormal sounds, smells or feelings checked out. These are usually good indicators of an underlying problem. Getting smaller problems like brake pads replaced as soon as wear is indicated is always a good idea, as unchecked problems can lead to more expensive damage being caused to the vehicle.


When the brake pads need replacing it can usually be quite obvious, even to a novice driver. By then it can often  be too late to prevent an accident, The legal limit for brake pads in Ireland is 3mm, however it’s recommended to replace them before this. When you bring your vehicle into Crossings we will conduct a free Vehicle Health Check. One of the things we look out for are signs of worn brake pads and discs and we will always alert you to the condition of these should we notice anything of concern.


The wear put on brake pads on your Toyota will depend on several factors — such as the amount of mileage you do and your personal driving habits. For example, city drivers use their brakes more often than drivers commuting on freeways. On average, brake pads can last  anywhere from 30-60k miles.

If you are concerned about your brake pads, make sure to call into Crossings. Call us on 045 897589 and we will have a qualified Toyota technician check over your car for you. Giving you peace of mind and the quality of service your Toyota and you deserve.



Toyota Prius receives What Car? Best Car Safety Award for 2017

“Toyota’s new Prius performed very well in Euro NCAP crash tests and has an innovative reverse AEB system.”

Having looked at all passenger cars available right now, the judges gave the win to the Toyota Prius  — helped by a consistently high score in all of the areas Euro NCAP tests, as well as some truly innovative safety technology.

The Prius’s reverse AEB system is what tipped the scores in Toyota’s favour, as it could not only save you money, but potentially lives as well.

The fact that you can now drive one of the safest cars around for less than €250 a month only sweetens the deal.

THE PRIUS HAS the highest overall Euro NCAP score of any car tested in 2016, which is a great start.

The judges were particularly impressed with the Prius’s reverse AEB system, which comes as standard on most models. The system can detect objects — whether that be pedestrians or other cars — behind the Prius. This helps when reversing out of a tight parking space, and could stop accidents, because a quarter of all crashes in the UK involve reversing. When Euro NCAP tested the car, they awarded this AEB system maximum points.

The Prius is also best of the finalists for pedestrian protection, with the front bumper scoring top marks.

Like the other two finalists, the Prius also comes with lane keeping assistance, which falls under the umbrella of Toyota’s Safety Shield. Not only can it warn you if the car strays out of line, it can also provide steering inputs if you fail to react.

The Prius gets road sign recognition, which displays the current speed limit to the driver, and issues a warning sound if you stray above the limit. Every Prius also comes with adaptive cruise control and automatic high beam assistance.

The panel said the fact that so much safety technology is being fitted across the Prius range means buyers are getting real value for money.

Tips for Driving in Freezing Conditions

How to stay safe on the roads in Ice and Snow.
Snow and Ice create adverse driving conditions. Here are our tips for getting you though the cold spell safely.

EXTRA TIME: Give yourself plenty of extra time if you do have to drive in wintery conditions. You will need to defrost your vehicle and clear off any excess snow. The roads are also going to be in bad contition, so you will have to drive slowly in a low gear. 

TYRES:  Check your tyres. Tyre thread debth is essential to road safety. Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and that your tyre thread depth is sufficient. Replace them if the tread depth falls below 3mm. Don't forget to check your spare tyre!

VISABILITY: Make sure all your windows and mirrors are clear before you set out.  De-icer and a scraper  are your best friends in cold weather. Use warm water (not hot as it can crack your windshield) to aid defrosting. Check your wiper blades. These need to be replaced every 6 months-1 year. Top up your screenwash-this will help to prevent the water from freezing.

LIGHTS:  Make sure all your lights are in good working order. Visability can be greatly diminished in snowy conditions and it is essential that you can be seen on the roads by other drivers. Remember to clear the snow from your lights as well as your windows and mirrors.

LOW GEARS: Manoeuvre gently, slow down and leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front. Too much steering is bad and avoid harsh braking and acceleration. Use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin. Select a low gear when travelling downhill especially if through bends.When you slow down, use your brakes so that the brake lights warn drivers behind you.

BLACK ICE: Learn and watch out for the signs of black ice.If the road looks polished or glossy it could be black ice.This is one of winter's worst hazards:  It is nearly transparent and can be difficult to spot.  Often it just looks like a harmless puddle, especially in sheltered or shaded areas on the roads, under trees and adjacent to high walls. Drive slowly and use additional caution if you think you have spotted it.



You just never know when you might be in need of some of these items. During extream weather events it makes sense to pack your car for all eventualities. It is recommended you have these items to hand, you never know when you might just need them:

  • Blanket/Additional Clothing 
  • Warm Winter Boots
  • Food & Water
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Tow rope
  • Spare bulbs
  • Spare fuel
  •  Shovel
  • Hazard warning triangle
  • Spare wheel/Puncture Repair Kit
  • De-icing equipment 
  • First aid kit 
  • Torch



Listen to the weather reports. If you are told to stay of the roads then do so. This leaves the emergency services free to deal with real emergencies.

Stay Safe-Crossings 

Candied Walnut -- Win Dinner for 2

All you have to do to win this FANTASTIC dinner for 2 in the Candied Walnut is pop into the store and fill out our easy little entry form. Tell us how you heard about Crossings Motor Centre. Winners are chosen monthly, so there's always a good time to enter! Best of Luck! Fancy having a look at their menu to get you in the spirit? Have a look here: You won't be disappointed!

First Motability Day at Crossings- 2018

Come along and Test Drive the new Wheelchair Accessible Proace
We had our Motability day here on February 2nd 2018 with experts from Motability Ireland who came along to talk us through their New Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Proace. Special guest Patrick Monahan even dropped by to check it out and meet the Team here at Crossings. It was very informative, for staff and customers alike. Not many people are aware of the grants and schemes that are available to them when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle, either for a disabled driver or passenger. We have all the information on hand here in store and will be able to talk you through all the financing, VRT and grants available. If you have any questions about motability don't hesitate to give us a call on 045 897589.
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