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How to drive in Stormy Weather

Here are some driving tips for windy conditions

Met Éireann has issued a status yellow weather warning ahead of #StormLorenzo which is set to hit today and continue on into Friday evening. It’s predicted to bring gales of up to 130km/h, heavy rain and the possibility of local flooding in different areas. So here are a few tips we thought might be helpful for driving in a storm, as high winds can result in difficulty steering, debris and fallen branches and trees.

What kind of car do you drive? The size and shape of your vehicle can have an impact on how the wind effects your driving. Larger vehicles with higher sides are much more likely to be effected by crosswinds. So if you’re driving an SUV or MPV (people carrier) it is important to be aware of your surroundings and ready to act quickly. Be prepared when passing exposed stretches of road, bridges, gaps in cover and when passing out trucks on the road, as these create conditions perfect for sudden gusts of wind to catch you off guard.

Hold your steering wheel with a firm grip and be prepared to correct the course of your vehicle. If you have it, avoid using cruise control so you are more in control of your vehicle’s speed – make sure to reduce your speed as well and take extra care when overtaking. Allow plenty of space between yourself and pedestrians or cyclists as they may be blown out in front of your path. Try and avoid wooded areas, as the likelihood of debris damaging your car is greater.

Lister to the weather reports and stay updated. If the weather is supposed to worsen, listen to the wise, wise words of Teresa Mannion and “Don’t make unnecessary Journeys”!!

If you do find yourself in trouble, or end up with any damage done to your vehicle, don't forget we offer full bodyshop and crash repair services and can accomodate you with a courtesy car should you need one when repairs are being carried out by us.




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