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Taking your car on Holiday?

Top Tips to get your Car Summer Ready

Holidaying with your car this Summer?

Whether taking your car on a "Staycation" or Travelling Abroad, here are our top tips for you and your car this Summer. First things first...You are going to have to check that your car is roadworthy!

(1) Tyres

Whenever preparing for a long journey you should make sure to check your tyres. Check that each tyre is inflated to the correct pressure for your make and models specifications. Don't forget to take into consideration the weight of a your car at full capacity when travelling with family and luggage, as this will affect the correct pressure for your tyres.  Individually check for any damage or signs of wear on each tyre-don't forget to check the spare!  Check the tread depth of each tyre; 1.6mm is the minimum legal requirement for tyres in Europe. It is  recommended that you have a depth of at least 3mm.  We will perform a FREE TYRE CHECK  for you in Crossings if you have any doubts as to the safety of your tyres. Now that your tyres are sorted, check under the bonnet:

(2) Coolant//Oil//Water//Brake Fluid

When the engine is cool you should check that the different fluid levels in your car are between the maximun and minumum marks.If you are unsure as to where to find the different reservoirs, consult your vehicle manual, or pop into Crossings and we can check for you. 

(3) Aircon

Make sure your Aircon is working properly! This one should be fairly obvious- you will know yourself if your Aircon is working- keeping the car cool while on long drives or abroad where the weather is warmer is key to you and you families comfort. Crossings currently have a Summer Aircon Offer, where we will Re-Gas your Aircon and change your Pollen Filter for €99. Ensuring peace of mind and comfort while travelling.

(4) Wipers

Hopefully you won't need them too often when off on your Summer Holidays, but always remember to check the quality of the blades before heading off. Be prepared for those sudden and often unexpected downpours! Check that the rubber blades on your wipers aren't worn down or peeling away. If they are not totally clearing the water, leaving streaks or making lots of noise when in use. Call into Crossings and see about replacing them before you set off.

(4) Insurance

 Before you leave home, notify your Insurance Company that you are taking your car abroad. Although you should be covered automatically for third-party liability, it may be a condition of your policy that you inform them before going. Find out if your Breakdown Assistance applies while abroad. If not, you can buy a separate policy that will cover the cost of a breakdown.

(5) Rules of the Road

 Be aware of your surroundings. This might sound like an obvious one, but while travelling in different parts of the world you may be required to drive on the opposite side of the road. Watch the other cars around you. Take your time when approaching roundabouts or overtaking. If you do get into any serious trouble there is a European Emergency Call Number -112- that you should contact in case of an accident or emergency.

(6) Summer Safety Kit

We recommend having a Summer Safety Kit in your vehicle. Pack bottles of water and snacks for long journeys are always essential for your car kit. You never know when you might run into trouble and t is always be prepared for every eventuality. Pack some visibility equipment such as Triangle and High-Visibility Jackets, Travel Games, a small Tool Kit and First Aid Kit. Flashlight, spare Battery Pack for your Phone, Jump Cables and of course, don't forget the Sunscreen!!

We hope you have a fantastic trip, whether at home or abroad, and if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to call into Crossings before you head off and we will advise and help you as best we can. Think Safety: Think Crossings.

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