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Toyota Air Con Service €99

Ever had your air conditioning unit serviced in your car? It might be time to!

Why does my car need an air conditioning service? It’s a question you might ask yourself when you see posts advertising car air conditioning servicing offers online, in the paper or on the side of the road.

The truth is, an air conditioning service is quite important as it can affect your health in various ways.

Did you know that a poorly maintained air conditioning system can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi? That’s not good news for anyone, especially those with small kids or asthma sufferers in particular. Unlike heating systems, the process of cooling hot air in your car creates a lot of moisture and condensation, which must be channeled away.

Here at Crossings Motor Centre we can service your air conditioning unit, including re-gassing, leak testing and pollen filter replacement. This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning while keeping it healthy and safe. Air conditioning services are available now from only €99. Call us today on 045-897589 to book a service and ensure your peace of mind.

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