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Worn Brake Pads

How to recognise the signs
A common problem we see here at Crossings is signs of worn brake pads. 

Have a feeling your brakes aren't working as they should? Here are some helpful hints to help you recognise when you need to replace your brake pads. Here are a couple of signs that indicate that your brake pads require attention. Here are the top brake problem symptoms, so you can recognise the signs.

  • Screeching, grinding, squealing, and other unusual noises are common indicators that something is wrong with your brake pads...
  • Vibration and pulsation in the pedal or your steering wheel. ...
  • Needing to press down harder than usual in order to brake...


Check to see if the brake light or ABS indicator light has illuminated on your dashboard. If the light has come on then you should come see us as soon as possible and we will perform a free brake inspection for you. You should always get abnormal sounds, smells or feelings checked out. These are usually good indicators of an underlying problem. Getting smaller problems like brake pads replaced as soon as wear is indicated is always a good idea, as unchecked problems can lead to more expensive damage being caused to the vehicle.


When the brake pads need replacing it can usually be quite obvious, even to a novice driver. By then it can often  be too late to prevent an accident, The legal limit for brake pads in Ireland is 3mm, however it’s recommended to replace them before this. When you bring your vehicle into Crossings we will conduct a free Vehicle Health Check. One of the things we look out for are signs of worn brake pads and discs and we will always alert you to the condition of these should we notice anything of concern.


The wear put on brake pads on your Toyota will depend on several factors — such as the amount of mileage you do and your personal driving habits. For example, city drivers use their brakes more often than drivers commuting on freeways. On average, brake pads can last  anywhere from 30-60k miles.

If you are concerned about your brake pads, make sure to call into Crossings. Call us on 045 897589 and we will have a qualified Toyota technician check over your car for you. Giving you peace of mind and the quality of service your Toyota and you deserve.



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